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[collection name]: Guangxu Yuanbao made in Beiyang


[collection type]: Coins


[introduction to the collection]: Guangxu Yuanbao is the first currency in the year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty. It is the first batch of printed and circulated currency in China to introduce overseas technology, which also has a certain historical significance for today. Beiyang made Guangxu Yuanbao Beiyang Longyang belongs to a large series in the history of modern machine coinage in China. Its coinage period lasts for a long time (from Guangxu 22nd year to Guangxu 34th year [1896-1908]). After more than ten years, the coin mold has been replaced several times. Even in the same casting year, the edition is often complicated due to many factors such as mold repair, coin material, technology, factory management and so on.


In the Qing Dynasty, silver, paper and copper coins were issued in parallel. New silver coins were issued during the Jiaqing period, while more gold and silver coins were cast during the Guangxu period. The westernization movement also affected the coinage industry. In the 13th year of Guangxu (1887), Zhang Zhidong, governor of Guangdong and Guangdong, commissioned the British minister to order a full set of coining machines in Britain, and first cast silver and copper coins in the Guangdong money Bureau. Since then, all provinces have followed suit and purchased foreign mechanical casting silver and copper dollars. Many mints, including the Guangdong money Bureau, were ordered from the famous Birmingham Mint in London, England. With the intervention of British industry, silver coins were also stained with western color. The integration of Manchu and Han culture is rarely seen on the front of the coin, while the back of the coin clearly indicates the intervention of western culture.



 北洋造光绪元宝,银币正面珠圈内满汉文“光绪元宝”,圈外上环“北洋造”,下环“库平七钱二分”。 背面正中蟠龙图,龙眼灵异炯炯有神,龙鳞雕刻细密有致,腾云驾雾,身姿遒劲有力、龙爪张扬,神武威猛,工艺精湛,雕工完美,浮雕感非常强,具有极高的艺术观赏价值和收藏价值。


Guangxu Yuanbao was made in Beiyang. The bead circle on the front of the silver coin is full of "Guangxu Yuanbao" in Chinese, the upper ring outside the circle is "made in Beiyang", and the lower ring is "Kuping seven coins and two cents". The picture of the dragon in the middle on the back shows that the dragon's eyes are mysterious and bright, the Dragon scales are carefully carved, flying through the clouds, the posture is strong, the Dragon claws are publicized, the martial arts are powerful, the craftsmanship is exquisite, the carving is perfect, and the sense of relief is very strong, which has high artistic appreciation value and collection value.



The Guangxu Yuanbao made in Beiyang was the highest quality Guangxu Yuanbao issued at that time, and it was the rarest in 34 years. Due to the unstable situation at that time, the mints had the least circulation, the market was scarce, and the extant world was very rare. It was a rare Guangxu Yuanbao treasure. This Beiyang made Guangxu Yuanbao pulp is old-fashioned, natural, exquisite and superior. The characters are bulging, the stroke patterns are round and deep, the regular script characters and calligraphy are very dignified and atmospheric, and the shelf structure is balanced and stretched. The pattern of a coiled dragon has a vivid and bright look in its eyes. The Dragon scales are arranged in a fine and coherent manner, and the Pearl grains are free of nothingness and stickiness. The Dragon claws are publicized and powerful. The side teeth are standard, the ring teeth are convex, the particles are clear, and the ground chapter is flat and smooth as a plate. The coins are extremely rare and have high collection value.



The design of Guangxu Yuanbao coins made in Beiyang is unique. It is properly integrated into western culture and skillfully combines Chinese and Western culture. Its coin style reveals a strong Western flavor, especially the national characteristics. The coins are extremely exquisite in pattern drawing. The vivid carving of the coiled dragon does not lose the momentum of the divine dragon. The technology is called exquisite and skilled. Whether it is pattern design or exquisite workmanship, it is called a good product in ancient coins.


Among the silver coins, Longyang is a currency favored by coin collectors, and the Guangxu Yuanbao made by Beiyang belongs to a particularly rare edition in Longyang. With the hot money market, Beiyang made Guangxu Yuanbao all the way up, constantly creating new highs in money trading. From the acceptance of collectors and citizens, the price of Guangxu Yuanbao will continue to rise in the later period. Guangxu Yuanbao records a period of history in China and has very important cultural significance and collection value. The coin in the picture is a Guangxu Yuanbao made in Beiyang in 34 years. It is a very rare and popular collection in the market today.

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